Earphones plugged in the ears and the lips syncing with the song playing, this is how I am poised right now. Singing to my coarse voice to irritate my roommates, I thought about why not talk about songs. They are such a big part of our day to day life. In the morning, the chirping … Continue reading Music



Do you know how loneliness feels? Maybe, or maybe not. Loneliness is not something that you can feel or even imagine without experiencing it. Loneliness is being alone while being surrounded by people. You wake up daily, do your chores, go to work, smile, communicate, laugh, cry, play with others, cheer others and do everything … Continue reading Loneliness

Irrationally Passionate – Book Review

Irrationally Passionate By Jason Kothari Pages – 241 Publisher – Harper Business Genre – Nonfiction/ Memoir A tale spun out of the hard and passionate life of an entrepreneur, this book introduces us to the entrepreneurial life of Jason Kothari. Full of spins and turnarounds, his life is an inspiration to all the budding entrepreneurs. … Continue reading Irrationally Passionate – Book Review

The Sinners – Book Review

Book - The Sinners Author - Sourabh Mukherjee Pages - 191 pages Rating - I'll give this book 3.5 stars. My review: The writing style is nice and simple. The story is full of treachery and cheating. The characters are all interlinked together through a single event which led to the unfurling of this story. … Continue reading The Sinners – Book Review

No Limits – Book Review

Book - No Limits Author - Mukesh Bansal Publisher - Westland publishers Pages - 360 pages My review: A book which is a toolkit for creating success out of your efforts. This book is all about productivity and work, if you are a worshiper of talents, then you are in for a roller coaster ride. … Continue reading No Limits – Book Review

Before you Breathe – Book review.

Book – Before you Breathe Author – Tanushree Poddar Publisher – Harper BLACK Pages – 244 pages Main characters: Colonel Acharya – the retired office who is interested in solving criminal cases and helps in investigationInspector Timothy – the officer who’s been given the charge of this caseShekhar Sharma – the subject of the case, … Continue reading Before you Breathe – Book review.

Book Review – A useful death

Book - A useful death Author - Sriram Chellapilla Pages - 416 pages Publisher - Westland Publishers My review: This is a story about politics, students' politics, journalism, influence and power. I have never loved to bounce into a political scenario but the topic is important nonetheless. The choice to stay neutral often leads to … Continue reading Book Review – A useful death

Book Review – Scarlet Woman

Book - Scarlet woman Pages – 204 pages Publishers – Leadstart publishing Author – Nilesh Blurb: Meet Nitesh, a 27 year old software engineer, living in New York and working hard to fulfil his dreams at one of the biggest multinational corporations in the world. He is also an Indian bachelor, embarrassed by his status … Continue reading Book Review – Scarlet Woman

Narasimha – Book Review

Narasimha By Kevin Missal My views. A retelling of the Vishnu avatar in the form of a triology which is filled with a lot of conflicts among the characters and their inner self. This book explores the wars and the reasons behind them and explains the same as well. The author has tried to focus … Continue reading Narasimha – Book Review

Still Loved … Still Missed – Book Review

BOOK – STILL LOVED… STILL MISSED AUTHOR – MRIDULA PAGES – 56 PAGES PUBLISHER – NOTIONPRESS PUBLISHERS Format – Kindle (review copy by the author) A short yet impactful collection of 15 stories which will take you into the whirlwind of words and emotions together. The stories are from various aspects of life and life … Continue reading Still Loved … Still Missed – Book Review